Bringing Humans and their Pets Closer

“Every dog must have his day”

goes a famous saying by Jonathan Swift. Dogs are no doubt man’s best friend and companion. No human will feel left out or alone when you have a dog who looks up to you all the time irrespective of your mood swings or tantrums.

Though we all know of the unconditional love the pet has for you, you cannot always take it where ever you go. Today all public places are becoming more pet-friendly but the challenge is how to take him/her with you comfortably. K9 Sport sack has a solution to this problem.

About Us

We are a pet backpack carrier manufacturing company registered at Utah and sell a line of forward-facing backpack pet carriers across 90 countries.

Dog Logo

Our Products

We are pioneers in the manufacture of veterinarian approved carrier backpacks for your pet companions. The co-founders created the first version of these backpacks to be able to take their dog Daisy along. They decided to introduce this innovatively designed product to help people like them who hated leaving behind their pets at home.

Apart from the new forward-facing carrier backpacks, we also sell other dog accessories such as dog goggles, cooling vests, dog insert jackets, Velcro patches for the sport sacks and a host of custom-made dog bandana, embroidered snuggler, and dog beds.

Our Other Special Products

We also sell custom made T-shirts and K9 sport sack hoodie for the pet owners so that they match with their companions’ sport sacks.

The Team

Joseph Watson and Daisy (his pet dog) and Jen Watson and Penelope (Her pet dog) the co-founders of this company are staunch pet lovers. Our dedicated team of pet lovers works with the motto of “No Dog Left Behind”.  You can E-mail us with your details so that we can help you with your pet needs. You can also walk-into our store during regular business hours.