Dog Backpack Reviews

Best On Budget – NICREW Legs Out Front Dog Carrier

NICREW Legs Out Front Dog Carrier, Hands-Free Adjustable Pet Backpack Carrier
  • Durability - 87
  • Comfort - 90
  • For Travel - 89


Are you the doting per lover who does not allow him to wander away from your eye-sight? Then, the legs out front dog carrier are the right dog carrier for you. It offers a more convenient way of carrying your pet as you have better control over his actions. You can give him all the attention he deserves as he is right in front of your eyes. Get set on your favorite adventure with your little furry companion without worries on the strain on your back.

Small Introduction

Hands-free adjustable pet carrier backpack is the right accessory to carry your dog along with you for your small errands or visits to the vet clinic. Carry your puppy front facing with ease and less strain on your back. Though it is a dog carrier backpack front-facing, you can use it on your back as well, depending on the comfort levels of the pup and yourself.


  • Easy on and off is designed for quick access and convenience of your small canine.
  • Mesh panels added to ensure maximum ventilation and accessibility for your pup.
  • Cushioned with shoulder pads and widened straps to provide more comfort to the owner.
  • A two-way carrier gives you the comfort of using the bag by not straining your back or shoulders.


  • Not suitable for large dogs – Though available in different sizes, it is not the appropriate way to carry your large dog this way.
  • Not for rough use – You can use it for your daily errands or walks to the park or even bike rides, but it is not an excellent choice for your treks and hiking sport.
  • No pockets or pouches to carry pet essentials is a significant drawback and makes it a less recommended choice for long trips and treks.


  • Light-weight – the carrier weighs less than 9 ounces and does not add to the bulk.
  • Side Zippers – You can easily put your pup in and out of the carrier, which makes way for hassle-free access of your little companion.
  • Elastic Fabric Cover – The elastic used in the fabric provides firm support and flexibility to the pet when he is carried around.
  • Leash Ring – Comes with an in-built leash ring to secure your little puppy and stop him from escape.
  • Snap open and shut lock to secure and release your dog in a snap.
  • 5 different sizes – starting from small to XXL.
  • Draw String – ensure more comfort and security to your little pup

Final Verdict:

The front-facing dog carrier is an ideal buy for your small pup or dog though it comes in different sizes. You should measure your dog and consult the size chart before choosing the right size for your canine. Take one size bigger than what the measurements show up as it will give more comfort, and you can also adjust the space by using the drawstring feature. Please also look at the weight recommendations for each size. It works great for short bike rides with your furry friend.