Dog Backpack Reviews

Most Versatile Pet Gear – Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack, Travel Carrier

  • Durablity - 94
  • Comfort - 95
  • For Travel - 94


Are you looking for that versatile pet gear that can accommodate all the needs of your travel? One carrier that takes care of your travel, car seat, backpack, and roller bag needs of your dog. This multi-purpose pet gear is the best one that will suit your travel requirements with your pet. Be it your air travel, long rides in your car, hiking, or rides; this is the perfect thing to own if you are inseparable from your canine companion.

Small Introduction 

This carrier backpack that comes in four different styles is the one you can opt for your travel needs. You can carry your furry friend without complaining of the pains of having to hold him all the time. Read through the key features of this pet dog carrier backpack.


  • Telescoping handle – can be used when you can rollover the carrier rather than having to carry your pet always. It can be used as a suitcase handle.
  • 5 in one product is worth the money as it fits all the requirements of a pet carrier.
  • Pouches on either side make it an ideal travel and hiking carrier backpack so that you can store pet essentials in the bag without having to carry another bag.
  • 3 convenient ways of carrying – as a side bag, backpack, and roller make it ideal for air travel.
  • Priced competitively under $50 makes it an ideal buy in this range.


  • It looks more like a suitcase than a pet carrier bag.
  • Too big to handle in busy places like metros and subways.


  • Comes in four different types – Medium escort, large traveller, Regular sport, and Extra-large traveller are the various sizes available to suit your needs.
  • Multi-purpose – You can use it as a car seat, travel bag, tote, roller bag, and a backpack to carry your loving pup.
  • It comes in 6 different colors of black, ocean blue, copper, pink, sage, and misty blue.
  • Expandable – You can increase its size by 3 inches by unzipping the zippers.
  • Side storage pouches – Comes with two storage pouches on either side to store all that you need for your pet.
  • Size Dimensions – the minimum escort version can hold a pup weight up to 15 pounds. The largest version, which is 16” in height and 22-inch width, can carry a weight of 25 pounds.
  • Internal fleece pad provides a comfortable cushion for the pets.
  • Tether inside can be used to attach to the collar or harness for extra safety.


sometimes can accommodate two small pupsThe carrier bag is safe and recommended for air travel. However, you would have to check local airline services to see if it is allowed as a carry-on. It has ample space and sometimes can accommodate two small pups on one bag though we do not recommend this. The feature that this can be used in many different ways is a win-win situation for the user. You can also use it for your adventure sports such as hiking and trekking with all the essentials stocked up to feed your canine

Final Verdict

While we recommend, the top 5 picks based on our research. The decision of the top pick or best one rests in the hands of the users as it entirely depends on the purpose and the comfort levels of the pet. You can use our top pick for durability and your daily travel needs with your pup. For those who do not want the carrier to add to the bulk of the pet, go for NICREW Legs Out Front Dog Carrier. As mentioned earlier, the best and most versatile pick is the Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack if you fancy carrying large backpacks.